What makes a brand name strong?

Effective brand names are relevant, engaging, and memorable. Essentially, the best names fit the brand you are establishing, start to convey your narrative, capture attention, and make a striking and lasting first impression.

Furthermore, successful brand names are not complicated, indistinct, or already claimed. Memorable brand names are straightforward to communicate, distinct within your industry, and serve as robust declarations of your brand.


How and when is the domain I purchased transferred to my control?

After completing the payment for a marketplace domain, you will gain access to our Domain Transfer Center. Here, you can start the process of transferring the domain. Our Domain Transfer Specialists will help you transfer the domain to your preferred registrar. Most transfers are typically initiated within 24 hours after purchasing the domain. Learn more about our Domain Transfer Process.


Are these names accompanied by Trademark or Business Registration?

Names available on the Brandnic Marketplace do not come with Trademarks or business registrations, as Trademarks are specific to both the industry (class) and the country of operation. Given that anyone can buy domains from our marketplace for various uses, pre-registering Trademarks is not feasible.

We advise conducting some research or consulting with a legal expert to ensure there are no Trademark conflicts with a competitor in your industry or region. If there’s no conflict, or if the existing Trademark is irrelevant to your intended use, you might successfully register the Trademark yourself. Even if there is an existing Trademark, if your business operates in a different industry, you might still be able to register the name.

Additionally, we offer a Trademark Validation & Filing service that includes initial Trademark validation and the submission of a Trademark application by a licensed Trademark Attorney on your behalf.


Do you offer payment plans?

Many of our domains have a payment plan option, which allows you to make smaller monthly payments to purchase the domain. Brandable domains with payment plan options are clearly labeled on that domain's page. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to speak with our customer service team.

Payment plans are a great option if you are looking to minimize your upfront costs. You also have the option to cancel the payment plan at any time. Learn more about How Payment Plans Work.


What additional benefits are included with a domain purchase?

When you buy a brand name from our domain marketplace, you will receive:
(1) the domain itself,
(2) the logo files displayed on the domain's page, and
(3) round-the-clock customer support during the transfer process.


Got Questions?

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