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Importance of Catchy Business Names

03 May 2024

Table of Contents

1. How beneficial is a catchy business name? 2. What defines a catchy company name? 3. Catchy business names endure big changes 4. Catchy business names sound fitting with the product or service on offer 5. How to come out with your company name? 6. Why are domain names important for your company? 7. Domain Auctions – Catchy auction names 8. Attractive business names and domain marketplaces 9. Brandnic helps you find the right domain name   What exactly do people think when they read your business name? Is it synonymous with what you offer? These are some of the questions that may look like a challenge, but they are actually very easy to understand. Here’s a guide to help you out.

How beneficial is a catchy business name?

Investing your time thinking of a name may sound unnecessary, but once you learn the endless benefits it brings, you’ll understand how crucial they are for your company’s growth. Let’s check three immediate benefits that a catchy business name has for you.

1. It’s a good first impression

Having a strong brand name have a powerful impact on what customers see. Moreover, it builds customer recognition. Let’s say your customers are shopping and looking for a specific product, there may be a thousand of brands in the market, but they will probably choose yours over something unfamiliar even though they don’t know much about your brand either.
A first handshake that conveys the right message and creates a long-lasting relationship.
Why? A catchy business name is the first thing customers see!

2. It conveys emotional appeals

Getting your target audience’s attention isn’t easy at first. You have to make sure to offer what they are looking for effectively, but how do you convince them that your company is the right one? There are a lot of marketing strategies that may help you with this, but the first one is to work on your brand name.A brand name should be loved by you and your customers You must connect with your brand name emotionally.[/caption] The reason is simple: It sums up everything a business is about and it’s your best chance to make customers stop and say “All right, this looks very interesting!”
Being able to convey several emotional appeals also leads to shared values and customer loyalty. In other words…
It’s about building an emotional connection with your audience that can even continue to future generations. We all have grown up eating a specific brand of food or product that our grandmother loved! Once you achieved this, it will be easier to introduce new products or invest in other services. In addition, they might be anticipating them before you release them!

3. It differentiates your business

It is a fact that competition is tough, but luckily choosing a catchy business name is a great take on any industry. There are many new companies that have quickly gained popularity among customers by only using good branding. Think about different companies within the same industry: McDonald's and Burger King or Apple and Samsung, for example. Ask yourself what makes them different from one another or why one of them is a bit more successful than the other. The truth?: A great business name receives more recognition and therefore, it enhances credibility and competitiveness. Find a catchy name for your company and improve any chances of getting many sales.

What defines a catchy company name?

A word can be the key element to take your company to the top. A great company name should be concise and relevant, but above all, it should share your business vision. Catchy company names usually boast some characteristics:

1. Catchy business names are short

Getting started isn’t easy, you have to learn about marketing, management, and negotiation to do well with your business. However, there are some details that are taken for granted such as the name of your company.

2. Too descriptive names

The first mistake is to think that names should be descriptive. Calling your business “Peter’s Pet Store”, “Best Cooking recipes” isn’t only too long, but also ineffective. Even though these names don’t say anything about the company's services, they are linked to what you can expect from the products. For example, Nike is related to the Goddess of Victory while Apple is linked to a fun and spirited service. A one-word business name allows companies to work in their essence as an organization without explaining everything.

3. Catchy short names

Studies suggest that shorter brand names account for the most profitable companies in the world. Furthermore, people love short names, they are easy to remember and somehow represent simplicity. Let’s just think about names in any category. While New York is often referred to as, like New York, Los Angeles is often reduced to LA. The same applies to tablets and televisions (TVs) and laptops and personal computers (PCs). Many brands have followed this pattern as well. For instance, Apple Computers to Apple, Federal Express to FedEx; Beverages More to BevMo! And it seems like they all made a wise move in doing so. Experience guidelines on why short domain names really worth a business?

4. The Key Takeaway

A catchy business name is essential for brand positioning so finding one that is short and simple will be a lasting impact on your target audience. In other words, you should opt for a two-syllable word in order to refine your company perception to a positive one.

Catchy business names endure big changes

Markets change and so does our business, therefore you wouldn’t like to choose a brand name that limits your future plans or expansion. The best business names can stand up to huge changes to the business itself. Some of these changes can be:
  • A business sale
  • An expansion in the target market
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • An expansion to new regions and countries
  • A switch or a different mix between online and offline service delivery/product sales
Is there any solution? Make your brand name future-proof! Let’s say you decide to start a girl shirt company, but then you’ve got the opportunity to explore the male market. Choosing a name such as Girly shirts by Mary wouldn’t be useful at all. We’ve already mentioned that a company name should be concise. However, this doesn’t mean you should offer the exact product you make. Brainstorm about your business story and values in order to find words that describe your goals. Catchy business names endure big changes Do not limit your possibilities - make sure your domain can work in many industries.[/caption] Some helpful tips:
  • Ask yourself many questions: What are your goals as a business owner? How would you describe your company in one sentence? What is the difference between your company and your competition?
  • Be creative: Your company’s name doesn’t have to be a mashup of words to be attractive. It just has to evoke positive emotions. For example, Nivea is Latin for snow, the same color the company uses for its skin cream.
  • A catchy name is memorable: It’s not about discovering another continent, but finding the right name should be significant to those who hear it.
It may seem silly, but grabbing a piece of paper and writing down all these answers and details can give you a dozen of business ideas for catchy names. Now, let’s continue. Complex names are quickly forgotten, just take a look at people when trying to remember their bank password after a while. Remember that having a catchy name is a good way to promote your business without any marketing cost. Also, the name of your business should be brand recalling. This means it will be remembered even when it is not needed all the time. Experts also called it brand memorability which is achieved when the product or service has a name that is related to its nature. For example, Sony is related to the word “Sonus” (sound). Moreover, Amazon's name comes from the Amazon River in South America which is one of the largest rivers in the world, pretty much what Amazon is on the internet. Some things to avoid:
  • Obscure words: One of your name options may have a powerful story or reference that everyone would love. However, people will still reject them if they are too difficult to pronounce or write. Choosing a catchy business name is about being practical in order to reach a greater mass audience.
  • No trends: A common mistake is to pick a name that is related to a popular tendency in the world. Trends are interesting, but they quickly become out-dated so it is better to avoid adding them in any business name.
Try to use them in other marketing campaigns or strategies instead.

Catchy business names sound fitting with the product or service on offer

The role sound plays in catchy names for business is something that is often overlooked by business owners. It is important to test your product name on as many people as possible to gain feedback - especially when your brand name is unique, rather than an existing word or combination of existing words. business names sound fitting Catchy business names sound fitting with the product or service on offer.[/caption] If you are wondering how influential a role sound can play when it comes to creating a business name, you should know that there are many linguistic tricks that are important to take into account when creating a new catchy name. Here are some of them.
  • Choose a name that can be wordplay: Samsung comes from the Korean words “sam” (three) and “sung” (star) which would mean “three stars”. The number three is considered as powerful as the company wants its brand to look.
  • Simple to spell: It is important to remember that your brand name should not be explained to everyone who hears it. People should have an idea of what it may be about.
  • Avoid picking puns: Puns are funny, but they can lead to misunderstandings which can make your company look less professional or serious.
  • Do not ever copy other names: Colgate and Crest and some of the cheap imitations of Colgate toothpaste, they may attract some of the real Colgate’s audience, but at the end of the day they are just considered copycats. Be original and do not forget that there are strict laws against copying other company’s names.

How to come out with your company name?

Catchy company names always convey meaning. Furthermore, there’s a big difference between attractive business names and company names that communicate what a company actually does. For this reason, you’ll need to carefully consider how you can create a name that is both memorable and meaningful. To help with this process, we developed some useful ways to find and secure your ideas for your brand name.

Brainstorm Words

First, you should start by determining your company’s value proposition. This means having brand clarity and being honest about your business’ strengths. Instead of describing what you do, look for the benefits your services or products bring and turn them into words that may work as names. For instance: What would have happened if Steve Jobs had named his business “Global Computer Makers”? It probably wouldn’t have been as successful as Apple is! On the other hand, you should think about your audience and the products you sell. You can think of it as the “ingredients” that your company uses to offer quality and efficiency. It can be a tricky game because most of the time the business product names don’t represent what you really want to offer. For example: Does the word “lawyer” really convey everything that a lawyer insurance company would like to sell? Think deeply and understand what your audience wants to hear.

Use keywords to help you

Compiling a list of keywords related to your business is a crucial step to identify the best name for your company. This can be done in several ways, for example, you can start by comparing several startup names related to your industry and studying how they are formed. Once you do this. How to come out with your company name Start working with your keywords.[/caption] You can start working with your own keywords based on the aspects we previously mentioned.
  • Purpose and value
  • Audience
For example, if you start a business related to big size girls clothes, you can apply some of these concepts. Let’s say that your value and purpose is to make girls feel confident with their body as well as beautiful. Moreover, they can wear your brand in almost every situation. Some potential words can be:
  • Confident
  • Casual
  • Comfortable
  • Fashionable
  • Practical
Now, your audience range from girls who are looking for feeling better with their bodies to busy students or workers who want to be fashionable without making too much effort. Some of the words you can use:
  • Businesswoman
  • Entrepreneur
  • Graduate student
  • Model
In a few minutes, we were able to find some words that can inspire a catchy name for your company. Some people prefer mixing these names to see how they sound, Yet, you can also use business name generators guide to help you, just make sure your ideas are related to what you would like to represent. Some other naming strategies you can use:
  • Using its benefits: Use adjectives that are directly linked to the key attribute of your product or service. Examples: Duracell, QuickBooks.
  • Complete different brand names: These names are disruptive and very different to what the company really offers. Apple, Yahoo! And Uber are good examples of this. However, the name shouldn’t be too complicated so people can remember it.
  • Invented names: They can be inspired or formed by a real word, but they usually don’t have a meaning. Skype and Xerox for instance. As we said before, it should be short and not too difficult to pronounce.
It isn’t over yet! The next step is to narrow your list down in order to find the best options. A good way to start is to check for the domain availability of the brand names you’d like to use.

Why are domain names important for your company?

Online presence is completely necessary to succeed in any industry, mostly for e-commerce businesses. Nowadays, domains are considered online real estate, therefore, choosing incorrectly can get you stuck with a bad name that will impact your company’s growth negatively. For more information on domain importance, check out our guide here.Why are domain names important for your company Connecting the audience, the right domain brings nice SEO juice.[/caption] Some reasons why you should have a catchy domain name:
  • It shows creativity and initiative: Having your own domain name allows you to be part of the new generation where you can learn about the tools to develop your business faster.
  • It attracts web surfers: The right domain name will have a good SEO impact in your business even if you don’t use the exact name of your company.
  • It offers better adaptability: It improves your internet presence even if you transfer Web hosts or have an in-house server.
  • It adds credibility: Visitors will trust more in a business that its own domain and website than one that has a free Web hosting site.
Confuse what domain name extension to choose? take a few minutes and read the guide on why should choose a -.COM domain name?

Domain Auctions – Catchy auction names

If you’re looking for a website domain name you may be researching your options as to where to purchase from. One of these choices might be domain auction websites.

How it works

Thousands of domain names are dropped every day which leaves a wide range of options available. Sellers are usually charged a listing fee before selecting their pricing options, minimum offer, and reserve. As in any auction, the highest bidder takes the domain name. Domain auctions has become a popular place in the internet where the catchiest and craziest brand auction names are concerned, such as domains that are very short or that consist of highly competitive industries, you can expect these kinds of domains to attract a lot of attention (thereby reducing your chance of winning and driving the domain price up).

Protect yourself

Another cause for concern is where you come across an auction that has only limited time left. In this instance, you may feel forced to bid before doing full diligence (such as checking the business name’s past reputation, whether there’s a negative backlink portfolio or if the associated domain has previously been used for industries that are blacklisted by Google – such as pornography or gambling sites). Domain Auctions – Catchy auction names Catchy business names are hard to find.[/caption] There’s also the temptation of bidding more than you can realistically afford when caught in the heat of the moment. Finally, you may fall victim to unscrupulous domain sellers, where domain owners employ stooges to make bids to simply drive the price up.

Attractive business names and domain marketplaces

In contrast to bidding for a domain name by auction, domain marketplaces offer an altogether more measured buying experience. You can browse at your leisure, take time to research potential domains and won’t fall into the trap of being bid up by bogus competitor buyers. But there is one drawback – and that’s the fact that most domain marketplaces only sell domains – they don’t sell attractive business name packages.
At Brandnic, we fall firmly into the category of business name sellers. We provide premium domains, along with a bespoke logo.
We even offer trademark certification and monitoring services for domain names that are worth more than $1500 – thereby protecting the asset that you’ve just purchased. Attractive business names and domain marketplaces Brandnic marketplace to get premium business names.[/caption]

4 examples of strong names

Still, confused? Here you have some examples that can work perfectly for your company and domain name!
  • Runig - A great example of a 5-word domain. It is inspired by the word “running” which matches with topics such as health, technology, social, and beauty industry.
  • Patchidea - This vibrant name came out from matching two keywords "patch" and "idea. Patchidea is a perfect fit for an educational platform, a forum application, or a consultancy site.
  • Travisly - An original name from the word "travel". This catchy name Travisly is perfect for a travel or airline company, it also represents fun, photography business, and adventure.
To give you a better idea of what we're talking about, let's take a look at the premium domain guide.

Brandnic helps you find the right domain name

Brandnic has many domain names available to choose a brand name from. In fact, all of them are original and creative. Moreover, you can easily filter them by using a keyword that relates to your business such as “business & finance”, “beauty” or “tech”. Brandnic helps you find the right domain name Get your catchy business name and start your company straight away.[/caption] Whenever you decide to buy any domain name from Brandnic, your payment is saved in the escrow until the domain name has been transferred 100% to the buyer. It makes your purchase 100% secure and smooth!
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