Branded International Business Names

An international business brand name is even more difficult to get on your own than other brand names because here, you are looking for global appeal and acceptance. That is not easy in any way.

There are successful businesses that have had to undergo a change of name while establishing in another country or continent because the brand name or international company name they chose was unacceptable in the new area.

The diverse nature of culture and language all over the world has done nothing to minimize the hardship involved in getting the right exclusive domain names for international businesses.

International Company Names Need to Impress

A point worthy of note is that international businesses need not cover all the countries in the world to qualify as such. If a business line exists under the same business name or different brand names in more than one country, then it qualifies as an international business.

International business may be a law firm, an oil company, a shoe manufacturing company, an agricultural company, a fashion company or a music company. The category is as wide as it goes; the important feature is existing in more than one country.

Furthermore, an international business may exist online, offline or both. It is safe to assume that an online business is international in nature if it serves users from different countries of the world. Remember, the two countries are sufficient to qualify for international business status.

In other words, naming an international business may involve getting a business name or company name for the business itself, a brandable international domain name assuming it has a domain, a website name where it has an online presence, a brand name for the various goods or services it supplies and a logo name where this applies.

It is not compulsory that all these be thought up for every international business, not every business needs a logo name or website name or domain name or even an international company name. It just depends on the circumstances of each case.

Another thing to bear in mind is that a group of companies located in different countries and offering various kinds of goods and services qualifies as an international business too.

In addition, a merger of two companies from different countries or a joint venture between the same qualifies as an international business.

However, a business that exists and operates within one country, but is internationally recognized as not an international business. Therefore, it should not seek international business names within this category.

Start with our International Business Names

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