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Why you Need a Premium Brand Name

03 May 2024

Table of Contents

1. What makes a great brand name? 2. Make the best first impression with a Fancy Company Name 3. Reflect your brand DNA 4. Brainstorming brand names 5. The refinement process 6. Narrowing down your choices - Luxury Brand Names are Few and Far 7. Experiment with fonts and colors 8. Do you need a second opinion on the premium name you've chosen?   Premium Brand names are applied to specific products and services sold by manufacturers. It is important to make a distinction between creative company names and business names, as the latter normally refers to products sold by the former. To illustrate this, Apple can be regarded as a creative company name, whilst the iPhone is a business name for one of its products. One of the biggest challenges for companies wishing to make their products and services seem desirable and distinctive enough to set them apart from the competition is to choose a suitable brand name.
It’s said that branding has existed in one form or another for thousands of years.
Read on to find out more about how to come up with a premium business name. Premium Brand Name Some examples of premium brand naming.[/caption]

What makes a great brand name?

Brand names have to be unique enough to win the attention of customers. They don’t always need to tell customers anything about the products but do need to be memorable enough to stick in their minds.
Some people regard coming up with the perfect brand name as even more difficult than naming a child.
It’s important that business name travel well and that they do not cause offense, though some companies do use different branding in specific territories. For instance, Walker’s crisps are known as Lay’s outside of the UK. Catchy names boost business persona How premium names grab attention[/caption] Although some entrepreneurs claim to have faced very little difficulty with coming up with a suitable and prestigious domain name, others have spent a great deal of time and money on how to come up with a company name.

Make the best first impression with a Fancy Company Name

Coming up with the right brand name can be tough, so don’t worry if nothing seems to leap out at you immediately. High end brands need to not only be memorable but look and feel right for your company or the product or service that you are offering. A company without a premium name doesn't even exist;No branding means no existence No branding means a body without a soul[/caption]
It’s often said that brand names are just as important as the products and services companies provide.
One of the reasons for this is that a premium domain name is generally the first thing people encounter when they are introduced to a business for the first time. The domain name needs to make the best first impression possible and win over potential customers immediately.

Reflect your brand DNA

Choosing the first name that springs to mind regardless of whether it seems suitable for your business is rarely a good move, no matter how catchy the name it is. It may be easier to conjure up a name for your brand once you have thought deeply about your vision, mission, and values. These are all integral parts of your brand DNA. Your vision is all about your future plans, whilst the mission refers to the steps you need to take to bring your vision to life. Bringing your brand vision to life The essence of your startup business.[/caption]
Your values are your moral priorities at the heart of what you do.

Brainstorming brand names

The best and more prestigious domain names tend to be short, simple, easy to pronounce, intelligent, memorable and evocative. Premium domain names Think and take action for your brand name[/caption] One step you can take during your journey towards finding the perfect premium brand name is to write down every single potential name you can think of, ruling nothing out. Think carefully about your vision, mission, and values whilst doing this. Once you come up with a vast list of potential names, use a thesaurus to find synonyms for them. Your ideal luxury name may well turn out to be an alternative word for something you have already made a note of. Don’t worry if you start to feel a little frustrated once you have in excess of 100 words on your list – this is the stage when you are most likely to find something that fits perfectly.

The refinement process

The next stage is all about refinement. Start crossing out words that you don’t think are quite right for your brand and keep going until you have reduced the list down to approximately 20 words. 
Searching and Crafting a Name Searching and crafting a name[/caption] You can then use techniques like changing the spelling of words, experimenting with metaphors and puns, merging and rhyming to find the right luxury name for your business, products or services.

Narrowing down your choices - Luxury Brand Names are Few and Far

Take the remaining words and add them to a new list, but don’t delete or dispose of the previous list. Continue editing these down until you only have a handful of potential business names remaining.
It’s a good idea to consider how your brand name will look and sound in the context.
If you do suspect you have eliminated something suitable later, you can always refer to the list you made previously. Getting your hands on the name Finalizing your name[/caption] Think about the kind of things you might say when talking about your company to see which names seem the most convincing and powerful.

Experiment with fonts and colors

You can also play around with different fonts and colors to see which ones will suit your remaining potential brand names. It is important to ensure your name only has positive connotations and associations, and that your name carries some sort of meaning, no matter how abstract it is.Establish your name and enjoy Enjoying a business launching ceremony[/caption]
Make sure the name isn’t already being used by someone else in your industry.
Also, ensure your social media handles and web domain aren’t currently in use too.

Do you need a second opinion on the premium name you've chosen?

Hopefully, by this stage, you’ll be able to make your final choice or will at least be much closer to this point. If you have followed each stage of the process, each of the remaining luxury names on your list will be incredibly viable contenders. It may take time to get used to your brand name, but you may eventually find it hard to believe you ever even considered anything else. Grab a business name Owning a premium name[/caption] Consider asking others within and even outside of your company if you still feel unsure about whether your final choice is right for you. If you do find yourself left with 3-5 options yet nothing seems 100% perfect, and you’re not confident that their appeal will grow in time, consult a professional branding company who can use their experience and expertise to assist you in finding a classy business name that serves you well for years to come.
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